Technical Comparison of RETINA Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator with ECLIPSE

In recent years, a great deal of endeavor has been put forth concerning simulation of oil and gas reservoirs around the world, which has resulted in beneficial outcomes in predicting scenarios characterized by higher oil recovery and engineered production. In the oil and gas industry, common commercial simulators are utilized for the purpose of simulating and modeling oilfields...

23 May 2020

RETINA Simulation Evaluation License for NIOC

The RETINA Simulation ™ 2020.01 multi user evaluation edition was installed in the National Iranian Oil Company’s Planning Management (NIOC CPM). This allows you to evaluate the full potential and features of the RETINA Simulation ™. In this version no features are limited...

12 May 2020

Job Opportunity in ESTD for Software Developers

We are looking for software developers responsible for building applications, including anything from back-end services to their front-end counterparts. Your primary responsibilities will be to design and develop these applications, and to coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure...

06 May 2020


We provide the perfect service for you.

Basic Reservoir Engineering Services

Our reservoir engineers use state-of-the-art technology and software alongside extensive experience-based knowledge of different geological settings and drainage mechanisms to support you in making decisions about your asset viability.

Full Field Simulation

Reviewing model runs leads to better decisions by helping predict complex reservoir behavior and field performance under various drilling and operating scenarios.

Other Services

Reservoir data and simulation model quality checking, Well stimulation analysis, Designing perforation operation, Dynamic underbalance perforation designing, and Propellant gas fracturing design are our additional services.


We are leading in advanced engineering software and service fields.

Founded in 2012, Engineering Support & Technology Development Company (ESTD) - one of the subsidiaries of PEDC - is an engineering consultation and software development company focused on upstream oil and gas section. The main specialty of ESTD, is engineering software development which requires advanced mathematical modeling expertise and numerical analysis capabilities. In addition to software development, and due to having access to special tools and highly educated engineers, ESTD delivers several distinct and professional services ranging from well stimulation design to unconventional full field studies.


RETINA Simulation
RETINA Simulation™

It is a Black-Oil and Compositional reservoir simulator fully developed in ESTD. The powerful and stable linear solver and preconditioner CPR-AMG based ILU0, fully integrated pre and post processors, and equipped with real time result visualization(plot and grid) and live update of the model are main features of RETINA Simulation™

RETINA Stimulation™

It is a modeling tool used for designing stimulation models and predicting perforation efficiency. The conventional perforation prediction, dynamic underbalance perforation, propellant gas fracturing, and hydraulic fracturing moduls are main features of RETINA Stimulation™.

RETINA Station™

It is the main platform for data management and workflow integration of the RETINA software suite. RETINA Station™ is developed specially for E&P companies to meet their needs in management and analysis of their data.





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