Signing of MoU for Cooperation between Shiraz University and ESTD

In a meeting at the ESTD office, Dr. Escrochi from Shiraz University and Mr. Sharifi, deputy CEO, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides, regarding...

A Novel Linear Solver for Simulating Highly Heterogeneous Black Oil Reservoirs, JPSE

A great deal of computational power and time is necessary for the simulation of highly heterogeneous fractured ...

RETINA Simulation Evaluation License for NIOC

The RETINA Simulation ™ 2020.01 multi user evaluation edition was installed in the National Iranian Oil Company’s Planning Management (NIOC CPM).

Job Opportunity in ESTD for Software Developers

We are looking for software developers responsible for building applications, including anything from back-end services to their front-end counterparts.

ESTD and Successful Remote Working in the Time of COVID19 Pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads, companies must make proactive decisions that help them protect individual employee health,...