Simulator Comparison
Technical comparison of commercial reservoir simulators

Full field study via reservoir simulation is acknowledged as a robust technique in predicting reservoir scenarios and estimating reserve. ...

PEDEC Contract
Signing contract between ESTD & PEDEC

According to the contract, 3 licenses of Retina simulation software (black oil)were installed in the petroleum engineering department of PEDEC to be used in the studies and development of oil fields

Azadegan Contract
Development planning of South Azadegan Field

ESTD Company has signed a contract with Pasargad Energy Development Company to prepare initial studies and propose master development plan of South Azadegan Field

Shiraz Contract
Shiraz University contract with ESTD

Signing contract between ESTD (Tafahom) & Shiraz University to use RETINA simulation software in the study of the Mansouri oil field

Registration of ESTD and RETINA in the MOP’s Approved Vendor List

The name of Engineering Support & Technology Development Company (ESTD) and the RETINA Simulation...

RETINA Simualtion 2021.01, New Release

RETINA Simulation 2021.01 with the following features and enhancements was released:1. Implements a novel approach ...