RETINA Simulation

Latest Version 2020.01

New Features & Enhancements

  1. Implements Pinch View
  2. Fixes well segmented density calculations
  3. Fixes increased runtime problem due Table and End-point lookups
  4. Optimizes runtime speed related to STOG and STOW derivatives
  5. Optimizes runtime speed related to contact calculations
  6. Assigns different color to various aquifers
  7. Adds client logo facility to result viewer
  8. Adds two new charts for PVT data
  9. Fixes save/load problem for equilibration data
  10. Fixes IJK-slice and filtering problems in a new project
  11. Optimizes memory usage after closing a RETINA project
  12. Fixes RSCONST import issue
  13. Enhances RPTRST import facility
  14. Fixes VAPOIL equilibration data
  15. Enhances simulation queue view