RETINA Simualtion 2016.08,
First Release

The first version of the RETINA Simulation named ‘RETINA Simulation 2016.08’ with the following features was released:
  1. Importing ECLIPSE Data file without any modifications
  2. Editing Imported or created models
  3. Fully 3D environment
  4. Editing facility for PVT and SCAL tables and graphs
  5. Bounding data file to simulator core
  6. Importing different data (PVT, SCAL, CFP, Grid Properties, Aquifer and Wells)
  7. Validating the data.
  8. Displaying statistical information for all the data
  9. Complete control over unit conversion
  10. Complete control over floating point viewing precision
  11. Dual lock (server and hardware).
  12. Corner-point grid support
  13. Full and Quasi Newton non-linear solvers
  14. 3D 3Phase Black Oil single and dual medium formulation
  15. BiCG-Stab linear solver
  16. ILU0, ILU1 and AMG pre-conditioner
  17. Well and group control features
  18. Well auto completion
  19. Sonier et. al. Matrix-Fracture transfer function
  20. Relative permeability and capillary pressure hysteresis
  21. Full segregation and stone type 3-phase models
  22. 2 and 3point Horizontal and Vertical end point scaling
  23. Changing gas-oil capillary pressure with respect to pressure (inter-facial tension)
  24. Multiple saturation functions, PVT, rock compressibility, equilibration and fluid in place regions
  25. VFP table support
  26. Multi-threaded parallel support
  27. Automatic time step selection algorithm
  28. Implicit fully coupled well modeling
  29. Fully implicit formulation
  30. 4D visualization
  31. Live summary plot viewing
  32. Loading RETINA Simulation™ and ECLIPSE summary results and comparing them
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