RETINA Stimualtion 2016.05,
First Release

The first version of the RETINA Stimulation named ‘RETINA Stimulation 2016.05’ with the following features was released:
  1. Darcy and Non-Darcy flow types
  2. API 1st or 2nd sections penetration data
  3. Control over unit system in each dialog
  4. Control over the floating point viewing precision in each dialog
  5. Gun/Casing and multiple Casing/Liner arrangements
  6. Ability to define new casings and guns
  7. Defining well deviation, partial completion, formation properties, formation heterogeneity, various gun types, damage zone, perforation crushed zone etc.
  8. Initial well status of overbalance, underbalance or balance
  9. New stimulation method of dynamic underbalanced perforation
  10. New stimulation method of propellant gas fracturing
  11. Validating model before simulation
  12. Classical penetration theory
  13. Casing and cement effect on perforations
  14. Effect of rock compressibility, density and stresses on perforations
  15. Skin/Productivity calculations based on semi-analytical correlations developed through extensive 3D finite element models
  16. Gas volume released in explosion, gun internal temperature, and remaining gas in gun for dynamic underbalance perforation
  17. Coupled solution for transient partial differential equations (PDEs) of pressure and flow in reservoir, well, and gun
  18. Geometric combustion law for Flame propagation
  19. Modeling fractures initiated by propellant gas as a set of wedge-shaped radial fractures
  20. Instantaneous thermodynamic properties of fluids in all stimulation methods
  21. Linear elastic fracture mechanics in addition to fracture fluid flow and continuity equations for hydraulic fracturing and non-linear PDE for fracture length and width
  22. 2D cross section and 3D visualization
  23. Penetration reports
  24. Productivity reports
  25. Well stimulation reports
  26. Result plots
  27. Sensitivity analysis reports and plots.
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