RETINA Simualtion 2017.01,
New Release

RETINA Simulation 2017.01 with the following features and enhancements was released:
  1. Adding message level for console
  2. Creating Implicit Term of Gas Pressure in load result
  3. Implementing ALQ for production VFP tables
  4. Implementing WVFPDP keyword
  5. Implementing WTEST keyword
  6. Geometric calculations extraction
  7. Implementing Edit section
  8. Gas Releasing Issue in Dead Oil Runs
  9. Pillar Assumption for Face Detection
  10. Implementing WEFAC in VREP
  11. Implementing NNC, EDITNNC, EDITNNCR and NONNC keywords
  12. Numerical Aquifer
  13. Implementing SKIP keyword
  14. Handling zero absolute permeability for well index calculation
  15. Implementing PINCH keyword
The following bugs also resolved in this version:
  1. Equil-Region vs. PVT-Region validation
  2. WELOPEN bug
  3. Restart run bug
  4. WELTARG unit conversion
  5. Hysteresis effect on KROG and KRG
  6. FAULT Faces Direction Detection
  7. MULTREGT bug in EDIT section
  8. Corner point validator issue
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