RETINA Simualtion 2017.09,
New Release

RETINA Simulation 2017.09 with the following features and enhancements was released:
  1. Implementing FVPR and FVIR summary keywords
  2. Implementing FVPT and FVIT summary keywords
  3. Implementing drag chart
  4. Update User Manual and Technical document
  5. Adding observed data facility
  6. Performing full keyword validation
  7. Implementing rescue file import facility
  8. Implementing WOPRF, WOPRS, WOPTF, and WOPTS summary keywords
The following bugs also resolved in this version:
  1. Welltest-Pi Event Checkbox
  2. ‘Well block pressure’ for ‘shut’ wells issue
  3. Correcting default rig name
  4. Well in restart run issue
  5. Face to CV connection
  6. BHP derivative function issues
  7. Group guide rate bug
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