ESTD in 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
Copenhagen, Denmark 2018

The EAGE Annual 2018 (11 - 14 June) held in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience event in the world. The event includes a large conference - in total over 1,000 technical presentations - and a technical exhibition presenting the latest developments in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering. More than 6,000 people from almost 100 different countries visit this event annually, with the top companies in geoscience and engineering, as well as innovative new players in the field, exhibiting their latest technology, products and services. ESTD has following two technical papers in well performance session:
Numerical Modeling of the Propellant Assisted Extreme Overbalanced Perforation Process and A Novel Numerical Method to Model the Transient Underbalanced Perforation Process
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