RETINA Simulation Course
for NISOC,
Mashhad, Iran

Course Description
The course held in Mashhad, Iran on 6th-14th May 2018, which gave both the theoretical basis and practical fundamentals which have used in RETINA Simulation software for mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of reservoir simulation, and training the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) engineers for using RETINA Simulation. The governing laws and equations required for the modelling of single-phase and multi-phase flow in porous media, such as mass conservation, Darcy, equation of state, rock compressibility, capillary pressure and relative permeability, were reviewed. By combining these laws and equations, the corresponding partial differential equations were derived. The numerical methods for solving the governing partial differential equations using finite difference methods were presented. A particular attention was given to the internal and external boundary conditions, and initial conditions. It was also demonstrated how numerical simulation can help us to forecast the reservoir performance in response to different field-development scenarios. Using RETINA Simulation for creating real and synthetic models for starting simulation, and the role of input data accuracy of the input prediction was another aspect which was reviewed in this course. Course Teachers Sina Mohajeri, Reza Eslahi, Ali Alizadeh Engineering Support & Technology Development Company
Course Ouline
Section 1: Technical
  1. Reservoir core data analysis
    • Accuracy
    • Stability
    • Condition of the Problem
  2. Ordinary Differential Equations
  3. Partial Differential Equations
    • Finite Difference Method
    • Finite Volume Method
    • Finite Element Method
  4. Linear Systems
  5. RETINA Simulation Technology
  6. RETINA Simulation Models
    • Grid and Geometry
    • Rock and Fluid Modeling
    • Dual Modeling
    • Aquifer Modeling
    • Reservoir Initialization
    • Well Modeling
  7. RETINA Solver
Section 2: Using RETINA Simulation
  1. Introducing Main Components of RETINA Simulation View
    • Project Actions
    • Program Standard Toolbar
    • 3D View Toolbar
    • Data Toolbar
    • Data Panel
  2. Using Data Toolbar
    • Geometry and Grid Data Tab
    • Reservoir Data Tab
    • Scheduling Data Tab
    • Numerical Data Tab
    • Scheduling Data Tab
  3. Using 3D Toolbar
  4. Using Program Standard Toolbar
  5. Creating a Case Study
  6. Class Work
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