RETINA Simualtion 2018.06,
New Release

RETINA Simulation 2018.06 with the following features and enhancements was released:
  1. 3D View modularization
  2. Externalizing color map and 3D setting to xml
  3. Separating the fracture and matrix grid properties (currently only in visualization, it will be done for calculations in future releases)
  4. Unit system modularization
  5. Well path import modularization
  6. Filter on aquifers
  7. Enhancement on auto color algorithm for discrete parameters
  8. Optimizing RETINA grid result loading (live and loaded)
  9. Optimizing RETINA summary result loading (live and loaded)
  10. Adding animation to 3D view
  11. Adding “snipping” action to 3D view using double click on each object
  12. Adding function help for face calculator
  13. Adding logarithmic scale option to template manager
  14. Enhancing 3D setting dialog
  15. HSV color map implementation instead of RGB
  16. Changing Aquifer shape and its show hide action for dual models
  17. Changing well and completion shape
  18. Change in some view behaviors:
    • Face selection for Enhanced Prob works with Ctrl + Click
    • Live Z-scale in 3D works with Ctrl + Scroll
Following bugs also were resolved:
  1. Unit conversion bug in equilibration dialog in case of "Pd or Rv Definition Method" is NONE or GOC
  2. Save and Load Issue for equilibration dialog
  3. Rock compaction table (ROCKTSIG) table bug in rock manager dialog
  4. Overburden issue in case of dual models
  5. Comparison dialog box bug in case of save and load the result
  6. Negative MULT family keyword bug in script calculator
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