ESTD, as one of the active subsidiaries of PEDC in the production of simulators and advanced upstream oil industry platforms, attended the 3-day gathering of active knowledgeable-based firms and startups of the oil industry, held in Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI).

ESTD gained the highest rating and ranked first among more than 200 companies in the second round of judgments of knowledge-based firms. It’s worth knowing that, according to announcement made by the website of Innovation and Technology Ecosystem of oil industry, the selected companies in this assessment are of priority to benefit from oil industry Innovation and Technology park advantages and according to upcoming policies The beneficiaries will benefit from the advantages in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the park and depending on:
1. Level of maturity
2. Acquired points
3. Being in need of acceleration process
4. Having a strategic product
5. Services ...

The list of the selected firms according to the website of oil industry Innovation and technology park is available here.