The seminar, based in Arvandan Oil & Gas Company, was held with the participation of managers and the experts of the Arvandan Oil & Gas Company and the technical and management team of ESTD company.

Seminar Description

After mentioning a brief history and the potentials of ESTD company, the advantages, and capabilities of RETINA in both black oil and compositional version were presented. Simultaneously, the questions and concerns of Arvandan Oil & Gas Company experts were responded. Afterward, ESTD expressed interest in providing consultancy services to solve the technical issues in the reservoir simulation studies of Arvandan Oil & Gas Company and customizing RETINA Simulation™ with them as features at the same time. Then the simulation results of RETINA with those of the Eclipse Simulator in the four Gachsaran, Parsi, Haftkal and Golkhari fields belonging to the National Iranian South Oil Co ( NISOC) were compared in both speed and acuracy aspects. In the end, a proposal was made to create a social network to enhance the technical interactions and exchange of ideas of oil engineering experts by ESTD CO and was welcomed by the participants.