Seminar on introduction of capabilities of RETINA Simulation in Pasargad Energy Development Company

Participants :

- Exploration and Production companies
- Consultant companies

Domestically developed, RETINA Simulation is recognized as the first black oil simulator developed in Iran. Developed by Iranian experts in ESTD company, RETINA simulation results have been approved and certified by technical experts of NISOC and RETINA is being utilized by them currently. Aiming to introduce RETINA capabilities, this seminar was held at PEDC conference hall, with the participation of Iranian active E&P and Consultant companies in the oil and gas industry.

At first, Ebrahim Sharifi, Deputy CEO of ESTD, presented a brief history of the company and activities that have taken place since the development of his product. Mr. Sharifi further discussed the technical and specialized features of this simulator such as its ruling equations and most advanced numerical methods. Then he replied to the questions and discussions raised by the experts. Further on, all capabilities and features of RETINA were described and simultaneously results of RETINA and ECLIPSE (foreign equivalent simulator in the market) In GACHSARAN, PARS, and HAFTKEL reservoirs were compared.

In the end, discussions were held on how to develop effective cooperation with the invitees.