1. The result viewer enhancement by adding a new modern looking chart
  2. The possibility to export the ECLIPSE data file from the RETINA
  3. Introducing the RETINA Petrel plug-in for version 2019
  4. Implementation of FIPXXX ECLIPSE keyword
  5. Implementation of GRIDUNIT ECLIPSE keyword
  6. Development of a user interface for the NNC manager
  7. Development of the Operation Manager feature
  8. Development of the user interface for PINCH
  9. Displaying the project path after the project name in the title bar
  10. Adding Elapsed Time to the RETINA console
  11. Automatic recognition of the units in importing the binary and RSM result files
  12. Reporting the user cumulative activities in the RETINA license management system
  13. Changing the license server from application mode to background services
  14. The ability to change the username and password in the RETINA license Management System
  15. Block-to-block enhancement in terms of performance and accuracy
  16. Resolving the run-time issues
  17. Updating the user and technical manual of RETINA