RETINA Simulation Released Versions

Version 2018.12 Features & Enhancements

  1. Implementing field aquifer summary keywords
  2. Verifying field inplace water
  3. Enhancing field production mechanism result table
  4. Optimizing the time of auto result import
  5. Permitting user to access the license manger in case of lock failure
  6. Well mapping in well event importing facility
  7. Enhancing wet gas/vaporized oil model simulation
  8. Changing behavior for multiple file running in simulation queue facility
  9. Displaying active grid ids in face manager
  10. Enhancing I/O feature
  11. Implementing user defined result path
  12. Implementing facility of changing or assigning user defined start time for result data in result viewer
  13. Implementing project start modification after creating a model
  14. Implementing local importer for rock region dialog
  15. Implementing local importer for equilibration region dialog
  16. Implementing validation for not existed include files
  17. Optimizing result comparison dialog
  18. Resolving OVERBURD verification issue
  19. Resolving result legend issue for observed data