1. ECLIPSE DATA file is read and transferred directly to RETINA Simulation™ model automatically.

2. All the imported data can be edited and removed and new data can be added to the model easily.

3. Pre-processor is completely user friendly and easy to use.

4. 3D visualizer can display all the imported and created properties, wells and well completions.

5. PVT and SCAL tables and graphs are displayed and can be edited.

6. RETINA Simulation™ model can be built in an interactive and user-friendly environment from scratch.

7. Data model is bounded to simulator core. There is no such thing as DATA file.

8. All the data are entered and built in the software. No need to modify the DATA file.

9. Simulation models can be easily created. Different data (PVT, SCAL, VFP, PPGrid Properties, Aquifer and Wells) can be imported seamlessly.

10. All data in the model will be validated before the run.

11. Statistical information for all the data is displayed.

12. Complete control over unit conversion of data on every dialog.

13. Complete control over floating point viewing precision in every dialog.

14. Completely decoupled view and model layers that can be later converted to a Server-Client system.

"As a group of highly motivated persons we started working on software production.”
Sina Mohajeri, CEO and Board Member