Data Management

Data is the beginning of every engineering and management decision. Large E&P companies look at their data as one of their most valuable assets. RETINA Station™ helps these companies manage their data in an integrated and easy to use environment which is created to handle big data.

RETINA Station™ system resource management is efficient enough to handle lots of oil and gas field data together and at the same time manage history matching and prediction simulation runs with lots of iterations and scenarios even on a laptop computer. This makes RETINA Station™ the ideal package for big E&P corporations with lots of fields under production. RETINA Station™ makes every type of data in the field of reservoir management available in a single package with integrated database capabilities. This feature removes the data exchange workflows between different software and lowers the cost of full field study and management. Having these key features, makes RETINA Station™ an ideal platform for doing automatic/assisted history matching, prediction under uncertainty and optimization workflows. Indeed, using the power of RETINA Simulation™ as the simulation software in this comprehensive integrated environment makes these workflows easy to perform especially for large, complex and unconventional resources.