A Platform for all Engineering Tools

RETINA Station™ is designed and implemented as a comprehensive and integrated platform. Having this generality, makes it possible to implement any seismic to simulation and operation toolbox. Some of the currently available toolboxes are:

1- Automatic history-matching based on global optimization algorithms
2- RETINA Simulation™ model creation and execution
3- Structured and un-structured mesh generation
4- Well perforation prediction and optimization
5- Hydraulic fracturing design and optimization
6- ECLIPSE DATA file creation and execution
7- Material balance based STOIP estimation
8- Fault modeling and structure modeling
9- Static volume based STOIP calculation
10- Automatic uncertainty quantification
11- Seismic interpretation and inversion
12- Fracture modeling
13- Data analysis and variography
14- Facies modeling
15- Petro-physical modeling
16- Sensitivity analysis
17- Well path design
18- Well completion design
19- Drilling optimization
20- Well outflow modeling