Simulation Process

Using RETINA Station™ and RETINA Simulation™ together makes the process of reservoir full field study easier and more delightful, because by using these products together, there’s only a couple of clicks between your corporation’s database and your full field simulation model. RETINA Station™ has its own data model which is completely compatible with RETINA Simulation™ model. Therefore, having RETINA Station™ along with its database as company data management software and engineering tool makes it easy to create and run simulation models. RETINA Simulation™ has no DATA file and everything is passed to the simulator using objects. Thus, every detail of reservoir simulation model could be set at RETINA Station™ and used in automatic workflows, which removes the need for manual DATA file editing. RETINA Station™ can also load RETINA Simulation™ project or ECLIPSE™ data file and extract all their data to its own object model. This helps engineer to migrate from ECLIPSE™ to RETINA in the fastest way possible. As the next needed capability, RETINA Station™ can create and run both RETINA Simulation™ and ECLIPSE™ simulation models which gives the user the power to use RETINA StationTM as a pre/post processor for ECLIPSE™ as well as RETINA Simulation™. All the generated automatic workflows in RETINA Station™ are also runnable using both simulators.