All types of visualization windows are implemented in RETINA Station™ to give the user the power to visualize the petroleum world. Visualization has the power to create a common vision between members of a study team with different disciplines, which helps decision making become faster and more efficient. Almost every object could be visualized in RETINA Station™’s powerful 3D engine, where different types of filtering, intersection planes and object types help display all the required objects in a customized perspective. RETINA Station™ is a powerful tool in the hands of geophysicists and geologists that allows them to model the reservoir structure in an easier and more accurate way. It also creates a common perspective among different team members and makes their collaboration more comfortable. An advanced well correlation window is a must for a comprehensive seismic to simulation software. This window brings well logs, core data, fracture data, zonation, PLT, RFT, reservoir structure and well completion data altogether, in order to help engineers analyze the data and make decisions about the reservoir or well with more ease. By having an advanced, yet easy to use well correlation window, RETINA Station™ works wonders for well engineers. Plot window of RETINA Station™ can display all types of data from SCAL and PVT tables to simulation results and property cross-plots. This window is fully customizable to satisfy the reporting and printing needs of engineers.