Reservoir engineering applies scientific engineering principles to the drainage aspects and potential problems that arise during the development and production of oil and gas reservoirs, with the aim of optimising economic hydrocarbon recovery. Our reservoir engineers use state-of-the-art technology and software alongside extensive experience-based knowledge of different geological settings and drainage mechanisms to support you in making decisions about your asset viability. Bridging the gap between the various geoscience disciplines, drilling and completion engineering and facility engineering, reservoir engineering has always been a key area of expertise through which we support our customers. Our basic reservoir services are:

1. Reservoir PVT data analysis
2. Reservoir core data analysis

  • - RCAL data statistical analysis
  • - SCAL data modeling
  • - Flow unit analysis and rock-typing
  • - Rock compaction data analysis
  • - EOR methods core data analysis

3. Reservoir initial condition determination

4. Well production tests analysis

  • - Drill stem test interpretation
  • - Formation tester data interpretation
  • - Pressure transient analysis
  • - Rate transient analysis
  • - Production logging data analysis
  • - Outflow well performance modeling

5. Material balance calculation
6. Single and multi-well simulation
7. Tight reservoir coupled single well simulation modeling