The ADIPEC Virtual Technical Conference is the single largest technical meeting place for oil and gas engineers worldwide, providing unprecedented access to the latest industry knowledge, technical expertise, applications, products, solutions and services.

Organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the ADIPEC Virtual Technical Conference is the place to sharpen your knowledge and share best practices and network with your industry peers from anywhere in the world. Spanning upstream and midstream, the technical sessions have been created by a committee of industry experts, resulting in 115+ virtual technical sessions which you can watch live or on demand. Organised by dmg events, the ADIPEC Virtual Downstream Technical Conference will drive the conversation on downstream topics that will spur progress and fast track development in everyday refinery and petrochemical operations.

ESTD has the following technical paper in "WELL COMPLETIONS: Intelligent Completions: Design, Implementation, and Performance"

A Novel Numerical Method to Model The Dynamic Underbalanced Perforation Process

and two following technical papers in: "OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Advancement"

An Efficient And Robust Method For Optimizing The Number Of Non-linear Iterations For Simulating Highly Heterogeneous Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

An Adaptive CPR-AMG Based Linear Solver For Simulating Geometrically Complicated And Fractured Reservoirs

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