Technical comparison of commercial reservoir simulators in terms of simulation limitation, accuracy and runtime in Haftkel model


Full field study via reservoir simulation is acknowledged as a robust technique in predicting reservoir scenarios and estimating reserve. Currently, commercial reservoir simulators including ECLIPSE, tNavigator, IMEX, INTERSECT, and RETINA are utilized for this purpose in both research and industry scales. Therefore, recognizing pros and cons associated with such simulators are deemed necessary in order to attain fruitful and valid simulation results. The main objective of this study is thus to point up runtime and accuracy of RETINA domestic simulator in comparison with other commercial simulators based upon ECLIPSE as the reference simulator utilizing Haftkel simulation model located in southwest of Iran. The findings reveal that while some differences prevail between simulation results in the prediction phase, the most perfectly aligned simulator with ECLIPSE appears to be RETINA. Additionally, it is implied that during parallel processing, the lowest runtime corresponds to ECLIPSE with 8 active threads. Comparison of simulation results in different threads demonstrates an advantageous point of RETINA which is its independency on number of threads. It is shown that two parameters of accuracy and runtime should strongly be taken into account in simulators such as ECLIPSE where changing threads causes discrepancy in simulation results.

Keywords: Simulation, Commercial simulators, Pros and cons, Simulation accuracy and performance

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