The three aforementioned stimulation methods, namely, "dynamic underbalance" , "propellant gas fracturing” and "hydraulic fracturing” are evaluated in a case study to determine the most efficient method for a well drilled in a carbonate reservoir. The well has been perforated by a 3-3/8 inch, 22.5 HMX SDP gun with phasing of 60 degrees and shot density of 6 shot/ft. The productivity and skin reports have been presented here for all the methods: 

Method Skin Factor Productivity Ratio Comment
Conventional Perforation 11.00 0.42 -
Dynamic Underbalance Perforation 6.06 0.57 DUP Ratio: 0.3
Propellant Gas Fracturing 4.46 0.65 Propellant Loading Ratio: 0.25
Hydraulic Fracturing -3.68 1.84 Pump Power: 2500 hp