Seminar Description

The Seminar held in Ahwaz, Iran on 18th December 2018, which gave technical information about the ESTD company, RETINA Simulation, and RETINA Station. There wes also RETINA Station Workshop after the seminar.

Seminar Ouline

  1. ESTD brief
  2. RETINA Simulation Activities
    - Recent Activities
    - In-progress Tasks
    - Future Activities
  3. RETINA Station
    - It is the main platform for data management and workflow integration of the RETINA software suite.
    - RETINA Station™ is developed specially for E&P companies to meet their needs in management and analysis of their data.
    - Importing and visualizing well and reservoir data, property calculator, filtering, grouping, static volume calculation, well log smoothing and despiking, , and integrated platform for all seismic to simulation tools are main features of RETINA Station™.