Technical Comparison of RETINA Domestic Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator with ECLIPSE Using a Number of Iranian Southwest Real Field Models

Scientific Journal of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

In recent years, a great deal of endeavor has been put forth concerning simulation of oil and gas reservoirs around the world, which has resulted in beneficial outcomes in predicting scenarios characterized by higher oil recovery and engineered production. In the oil and gas industry, common commercial simulators are utilized for the purpose of simulating and modeling oilfields. Given the necessity of a domestic reservoir simulator in Iran, RETINA simulator has been fully developed in Engineering Support & Technology Development (ESTD) Company during 4 years perfectly aligned with Iranian reservoir physical characteristics. In this paper, using a number of relatively giant oilfield simulation models in southwest of Iran, RETINA is evaluated and compared against the results generated by commercial international ECLIPSE reservoir simulator considering disparate scenarios during both history-matching and prediction phases. In accordance with outstanding agreement of RETINA results with those based on ECLIPSE as the reference simulator, it is strongly affirmed that RETINA is a reliable simulator, and can be incorporated for any simulation study of Iranian oilfields.

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